For different products, we offer different email addresses. Typically, we will reply in a day for paid users, in a week for free users and free tools.

Beatrice Prior: [email protected]
Heather: [email protected]
EVA&Iconic: [email protected]


As an U.S. based company, we have several centrals and offices accross North America. Here are the offices, charges may  apply by your carrier.

Washington DC Central: (202) 996-9662
Canada Division of Suppot: (249) 700-9196
New York Office of Consultation: (646) 396-0526
Los Angeles High-level Central: (213) 282-3128
Detroit Sub-headquarter: (313) 636-2636

Besides, we also have an international hotline number, providing English and Mandarin service, and acceptable service through translator in more than 30 languages.

Astrnuts International Support +1 (707) 788-8650